Over the years, I’ve been honored to work with many wonderful and talented people.  I have endeavored to hold space, perform rituals, guide folks during rough times, preach prophetic sermons, and generally provide insight into whatever challenges people are facing.  These testimonials about the way they have valued our work together bring me great joy and inspiration to continue this ministerial work.

I met Kai during a time in my life when I was struggling to cope with going away to college and the sudden loss of my mother to cancer. Kai was able to coax me out of my near complete paralysis –a zombie like state – and guided me on the path to recovery. Through his help, I was able to regain perspective in my life, learning what I had control over and what I could be at peace with. To this day, I keep what he has taught me in mind to help keep me centered.  –  P.K., Computer Programmer

Kai officiated at my son’s wedding a few years ago. He was such an integral part of the event that I can’t imagine what it would have been like without him. He handled all the delicate differences in personalities and made the occasion a beautiful celebration. It was such a pleasure getting to know him and spending the weekend with him and all the wonderful people who were involved.  –  M.F., Mother of the Groom

I will forever cherish Kai’s spiritual companionship along my faith journey, and his ability to help me to navigate and discover just what I needed along the way.  He provides a sacred space that is safe and allows you to move at your pace.  Kai has this way of empowering the individual in their own life.  Having him as a Spiritual Director gave me the strength I needed to tread through some tumultuous times in my ministerial journey.  It is because of this work that I will be forever appreciative of his gifts and grace as spiritual director.  –  Rev. D.F., Christian Pastor

I first came to know Kai when he was my student (a particularly brilliant one, at that) but it was only a matter of time before he became my teacher, too. When I was a graduate student in cultural anthropology, I received all kinds of training to conduct intensive, long-term research working with a historically marginalized community. What I did not have was training to cope with the emotional and spiritual hardships of working so long in a community steeped in trauma, violence, and social suffering. As my research progressed, I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into despair as I absorbed the pain of those around me.

From the other side of the planet, in a series of well-timed Skype calls, Kai helped me emerge from my despair and resume my work. Through guided meditations and visualizations, he helped me cultivate skills to filter and process the emotional energy I was receiving. He taught me how to restore and protect my core of well-being, while continuing to remain open and empathetic to the people participating in my research. Because of his own scholarly background, Kai has an extraordinary level of insight into the costs and complexities of intellectual labor and social justice work. I take these insights I learned from Kai and now teach them to my students, for which I will always be grateful!  –  S.K., Anthropology Professor

Kai offers the blessings of quick wisdom from years of observation on the intricacies of life experience. His love is real. His knowledge is broad. His dedication is exemplary. In any community, he’s a spiritual gem.  –  C.G., United Church of Christ Chaplain

I enthusiastically recommend Kai Koumatos as a Spiritual Counselor and Tarot Card reader. Kai came into my life during a very crucial time and he single-handedly transformed it.  When we first met, I could instantly feel his power.  There was something in his presence that I knew I could trust and I am thankful to have followed my gut.  Over the last seven years, I’ve received several tarot readings from Kai.  When reading, he has a unique ability to simultaneously tune into the Goddess as well as listen to my own guides and higher spirit. He translates the messages I need to hear with clarity and the nuance that is necessary for me to understand.  Even when the messages are harsh, Kai provides a gentle and compassionate delivery that still manages to honor the gravity of the cards. As a vulnerable and emotional Pisces, this makes a huge difference in how I can hear what is being said.  Kai follows up with spiritual counsel and guidance, so even the worst news becomes something more like “this is where you are, and here are some ways you can maneuver through this difficult space.”  During our first reading, I remember being emotionally heavy as he read, but by the end I felt like I could let go of some of that emotion because they had been acknowledged and honored.  I had never experienced anything like that before in a tarot reading; it was truly outstanding.  Kai’s tarot readings provide me with perspective and insight into my habits and help me find ways to transform. The journey of life is often hard and sometimes we need guidance, and healing.  If that’s what you are looking for, you’ve found the right person. Kai is worth every penny. Your spirit is in very capable and experienced hands. Goddess bless you!! – K.C., Environmental Educator

When I first started working with Kai, I wasn’t as emotionally prepared for my divorce as I had thought. I was very confused about what was happening and what I was going to do. Kai helped me through my divorce by listening to my concerns and responding with suggestions that lead me to a much stronger sense of myself. Our conversations brought me a lot of clarity; it was as if I was seeing through a diving mask filled with water. I trusted Kai’s advice, which came from a deep spiritual, practical, and loving space. His hard earned wisdom helped me see and feel my next steps.  Hearing and acting upon Kai’s suggestions wasn’t easy. In the beginning, I was so hesitant and resistant. His observations and advice were gentle, but I struggled to move out and movie on. Kai provided support and a different viewpoint filled with loving kindness. We spoke at length many times about my deepest intentions and the consequences of my choices. Our conversations are very precious to me and were the inspiration for what has become tremendous personal and spiritual growth.

Ultimately, it wasn’t Kai who acted, nor was it that he acted through me, but it was (and still is) my trust in his ability to see beyond the reach of my emotionally impaired vision. He helped me to make choices and move on with my life in a more confident way. I can’t thank him enough!  –  T.T., Professional Photographer