As part of my guidance, I bring over twenty years of professional tarot reading to my practice. When I read your tarot cards, I am reaching out to the universe to find the messages and guidance that surrounds you. I use the cards as a mirror to reflect back to you the wisdom your higher self already possesses. We do not seek predictions about the future, but guidance about the nature of a situation, the lessons you can learn, and the trajectory you are on. We all make better choices when we are armed with knowledge and clarity about our complex lives. Tarot Readings come in three varieties:

Mini Readings
(established clients only)
Mini readings take about fifteen minutes and only include 3-5 cards. These readings are useful for quick clarity about an issue that you are deciding or to help you center and focus yourself before heading into a difficult situation. $45

Standard Readings
Standard readings are the most popular reading style. These readings take 30 minutes and include 8-12 cards. These readings are useful for any situation you want to look at, whether you are concerned about your career, your relationships, or your health. $75

Extended Readings
Extended readings give us a full hour to look deeply into an issue. Using 15-20 cards, these extended readings provide insight into the patterns and interconnected aspects of your life. These readings are most often used for birthdays, new year readings, and major life decisions. $120

I am available for readings in person, over the phone, and via Skype.  To schedule a free consultation or a tarot reading, please contact me.

Because I am currently working full time, I am not actively advertising my Spiritual Direction or Ritual Planning and Officiating services.  However, if you have a need, please contact me to discuss the details and I can refer you to one of my wonderful colleagues.