Working with Kai

In Interfaith, Ritual, Theology

I met Kai during a time in my life when I was struggling to cope with going away to college and the sudden loss of my mother to cancer. Kai was able to coax me out of my near complete paralysis –a zombie like state – and guided me on the path to recovery. Through his help, I was able to regain perspective in my life, learning what I had control over and what I could be at peace with. To this day, I keep what he has taught me in mind to help keep me centered.

This has always been my story.  Throughout my life people who I have talked to or shared with have come back around to say things like this.  To be honest, sometimes in the midst of being deeply honored that I could help, I am still a little surprised to hear that our time together had such an important and lasting impact.  Like many people, I was dealt a difficult hand in life and it has afforded me a great deal of opportunity for growth and wisdom.  It also means that I can relate and empathize with people who are dealing with grief, heartbreak, loneliness, physical pain, isolation, depression, and the loss of faith. So often what people need more than anything is someone who understands and is willing to listen to their pain.  This is something I’ve always been able and willing to do.  For the last twenty years, the Goddess (or God, the Universe, Great Spirit, etc) has brought people into my life who needed exactly the kind of wisdom I have gained.  The work was always natural – though not necessarily easy – but it has always been rewarding for everyone involved.  After years of providing intermittent guidance, I’ve finally found the right structure for my work.

My time in seminary has provided me with a solid education and wonderful models for this kind of spiritual service work.  Spiritual Direction is an old form of personal Christian spiritual guidance.  A combination of a master/student dynamic and classic counseling techniques, spiritual direction offers you a one-on-one relationship where the focus is set on your spiritual practices, relationship with your higher self, and communication with divine energy.  We walk together and I support you as you seek to deepen and widen your spiritual self.  Tailored to each individual client, spiritual direction can include talk-therapy, tarot readings, ritual work, guided meditations, art therapy, and more.  Together we find out what you are seeking and support you on your search.  In addition to Spiritual Direction, I offer a variety of other services including regular tarot readings, astrology readings, ritual planning, workshops and classes, and ceremony officiation.