About Kai

rsz_12018-02-04_210534I am Pagan Priest, and Interfaith Minister, and a Zen Buddhist.  I am a writer, a photographer, and a long time activist.  I offer spiritual guidance and support to those who are seeking a deeper connection to spirit and greater spiritual empowerment, regardless of their faith tradition.

Tradition and Lineage
I am a High Priest with over two decades of teaching and ritual work within the pagan community. I spent my early years as a witch at The Mystic Moon in San Diego, with Judith Wise-Rhodes and Scott Rhodes, whose example of community and craft leadership heavily influenced my spiritual path. After moving north, I spent several years with Katrina and Eric Rasbold, founders of the CUSP tradition in Sacramento, CA. During those years, I also worked with Starhawk and Pagan Cluster in social justice work. I have run several circles, taught many workshops, and read tarot professionally for more than a decade.

Academics and Interfaith Work
I have extensive training in anthropology, gender and sexuality studies, and religious studies.  After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, I felt compelled to attend seminary.  I braved the world of liberal Christianity and obtained a Master’s degree in Divinity from the Pacific School of Religion, a very respected ecumenical Christian seminary in Berkeley, CA.  During my time there I focused mainly on interfaith ministry and translating spiritual concepts across religious cultures.  I now have experience working with a wide variety of spiritual communities and have deepened my understanding of more mainstream religious practices and leadership.  As a board member of the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, I represented Pagan communities in an interfaith organization dedicated to supporting religious communities that welcome LGBT people.  This included officiating weddings at SF Pride in 2013 during the weekend when the Supreme Court Ruled that Prop 8 had been overturned here in California.  On campus I was not just a student, but an advocate and ambassador earth based religious practitioners, offering the next generation of liberal Christian leadership a different impression of Paganism.  In return, I receive the benefit of Christianity’s centuries of experience in organized religious leadership and I found colleagues and allies in places I wouldn’t have expected.

Pantheons and Religious Philosophy
My own craft owes a great debt to the pragmatism of Scott Cunningham, may he rest in power.  I work primarily with Hindu and Pre-Hellenic Mediterranean deities.  I also work closely with a variety of animal guides from the air, sea, and land.  My personal theology includes a lot of Taoism and Shinto, and has been strongly shaped by the inclusion of Zen Buddhism into my religious identity in the last five years.  I sharply reject the male/female dualism that was so often prevalent in our first pagan communities and instead embrace deities and ritual forms that challenge and blend gender roles and identity.  In general, my circles are pragmatic, dynamic, and inquisitive, experimental with both energy theory and ritual design.